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Corporate Social Reponsibility


We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure standards of operations comply with our external safety auditor, Intertek. All factories in China must adhere to strict employment and worker welfare regulations and we are in the process of rolling out a 2 step audit process - the Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) to ensure compliance with ethical practices and the Supplier Quality Programme (SQP) as part of our quality audit. The initial "family" litmus test is also applied: would we be happy to work in those factories ourselves?

We are also developing our design, research and product development functions as part of our "Made in England' programme - supporting the local community by bringing back some manufacturing to England.


RH Smith & Sons aims to develop sustainable, collaborative partnerships with our stockists to ensure we are serving our customers with the products they want, to the quality and standard they demand. To join our network of approved resellers, retailers must comply with our distribution agreement. Our stockists can be recognised by the Licensed Reseller logo; if you are in any doubt please contact us on 03303 338005 if you want to be sure.

As the leading brand in the costume, fancy dress up and dress up market in the UK, we launch over 1000 products each year; ensuring we are at the forefront of fashions and trends in the costume market. We ship over 26 million items per year and with over 5,000 stockists worldwide and over 10,000 lines to choose from, there's a costume for everyone.

If you want to join our expanding group of international resellers you can contact our international sales team using our online contact form here.


As part of our commitment to the protection of our environment and inn an effort to improve on landfill, we bail and recycle all cardboard and shrink wrap used in the warehouse, pallets are recycled wherever possible. We implement a range of energy saving tactics to reduce fuel and energy consumption during the logistics process. To reduce impact on congestion we ship at night and use rail where possible to reduce carbon emissions and goods are shipped to a regional distribution centre in an effort to reduce road miles. We are currently in the process of transferring our car fleet to hybrid cars to reduce carbon emissions. We are working to AEO accreditation across the business which supports our goals to improve product safety for our business and our customers when trading internationally. As a growing business we are continuously reviewing opportunities which can be implemented in reducing our impact on the environment.


SOS is a charity which cares for vulnerable children worldwide. We have been partnered with SOS Children's Villages since September 2012 with a pledge to raise enough funds to build a 'Smiffys House' for ten children and a dedicated Mother. We smashed our target and built the house, and we continue to raise money through other staff activities to ensure that the Smiffys House will continue to flourish.

As a family business, we also understand that cancer touches most families. As a result we have supported CLIC Sargent's "Wig Wednesday" initiative and look forward to working with Macmillan to help raise awareness of the work they do. For the last year we have also been supporting Eve Hazelton in the My Fancy Year campaign, wearing fancy dress for a whole year to raise awareness of breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!


Our employees are at the heart of our business and enjoy a range of benefits which reflects a work hard and play hard approach. The company invests in staff through training programmes and development opportunities. All employees join the bonus and pension scheme and in addition to a generous holiday entitlement, including a day off for their birthday, there is the opportunity to buy additional holidays. Without the dedication and commitment of the team, its unlikely R H Smith & Sons would have enjoyed the sustained growth of recent years. We look after our people and as a result see a low staff turnover along some of the milestone work anniversaries our employees have celebrated.


At R H Smith we take our responsibility as a supplier of family products under the Smiffy's brand very seriously and are continuously looking at ways to enhance our already high standards of safety and quality. Our children's costumes, sold on are currently categorised according to European Regulations as toys which means they must comply with the EN71 standards. We partner with Intertek, an internationally renowned product testing and compliance auditor to ensure safety standards are met. Our manufacturers are subject to and must comply with strict safety standards and testing criteria to ensure the materials used in production are safe. Not only to we comply to these standards but we also batch test and undertake spot checks to ensure high safety and quality standards can be assured across all ranges. If you wish to find out more about our quality assurance process please contact us on 03303 338005.


Counterfeit and Intellectual Property programme

The costume market, like many design markets, is subject to counterfeit goods, masquerading as Fever branded products. Over the last 12 months we have removed 20,000 counterfeit listings from unapproved resellers selling fake Fever branded products online using third party platforms such as Ebay and Amazon. We work closely with these platforms to monitor and counteract this activity. Customers might be tempted to buy cheaper goods but it is important to understand that these goods probably won't have been quality tested and proceeds from these products often fund criminal activities. To be sure that you are buying a genuine, Smiffys or Fever branded product that is compliant to safety and quality standards look for the licensed reseller logo, online or in-store. If you cannot see these, you risk buying unsafe and/or counterfeit goods. Returns policies cannot be applied in these cases. If you are at all unsure and want to check if they are genuine resellers please call us on 03303338005 for verification.

If you think you have identified a counterfeit supplier you may be eligible for our Anti-counterfeit reward. Contact us on 03303338005.

Fever takes pride in our in-house design work and as a result we invest heavily in intellectual property and are keen supporters of the work being done by the National Trading Standards to combat criminal counterfeit activity.

Together we can tackle the counterfeit criminals.