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April 18, 2018

We all know of the success of 50 Shades of Grey and the liberating effect it has had on love lives everywhere, but grey is such a drab and dreary colour. When we think of lust, we think reds, the colour of hearts, the colour of blood rushing in excitement.

Why not explore 50 Shades of Red this Valentines’ day? Fever has a large assortment of red themed products to liven up the mood, whether it’s just the two of you or a whole gathering, make sure you’re turning heads whilst you turn up the heat. Fever’s red collection

With all of your red accessories, just make sure your skin doesn’t match for any awkward reasons or unfortunate faux pas. Here’s a list of our favourite products, whether you want to keep it fairly vanilla or love to push your limits:

1 – If you’re not overly comfortable in your own skin yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy whilst still keeping comfortable. Role play, no matter how simple or extreme you go into character is guaranteed to spark a fire in any love life. Agree some ground rules in advance: you don’t want yourself or a partner into do anything you or they do not feel comfortable with. Intimacy is all about trust and expression. We often like a bit of order and regiment in the bedroom, try Fever’s Captain Costume and have everyone standing to attention. Fever Captain Costume

2 – Don’t rush into anything, a lot of people skip the foreplay and rush straight into the action, that’s not the way forward. Kissing greatly increases the amount of testosterone in each partner (when at least one partner is male due to testosterone passing via saliva) increasing the amount of arousal and anticipation. Wear something that will take just a little longer to take off (if you even plan to take it off that is), to heat the moment even more, accentuate your figure with something light that can glide gracefully and smoothly across your skin. Fever’s Storybook Hooded Hottie provides a little more cover than standard underwear and gives you a bit more to play with. Fever Storybook Hooded Hottie

3 – Communication is important; no one is a mind reader. If something isn’t quite working for you as well as you’d hoped then say so and try something different. If something is definitely working for you then let them know. Be as vocal as you need to be. Not only are you going to turn your partner on more and let them know they’re doing a good job, they can remember it for the future but you also don’t have to suppress yourself. Go on, enjoy yourself.

4 –For those a little more adventurous with regards to bedroom attire, you may want to consider something a little more daring and racy. If you want your adventures to have an air of elegance and class no matter how exotic they get then why not adorn yourself in Fever’s Masquerade Secret Encounter. With a delicate lace design developed especially for Fever and a translucent blind fold to create added mystery and tension, your body can be caressed whilst revealing just enough skin to weaken even the strongest knees. With an exposed posterior, your escapades don’t have to be confined to the bedroom Fever Masquerade Secret Encounter

5 – Don’t forget about the taking off. It’s not just about what you put on but what they might be able to help you take off. With an extensive selection of hold ups, tights and stockings to choose from, Fever has the perfect accessory to help you express your playful and naughty side.  Show off your legs

6 – Compromise, not everyone is fortunate to have a partner who enjoys everything they enjoy. There is usually always something you love but your partner isn’t too keen on, and visa versa, so it’s important to make compromises every now and then. Remember: check, compromise and try something new.

7 – Did someone say bondage? It isn’t all thick leather buckles, stretcher racks, liquid PVC and flogging. If you want to experiment and dip your toes into something a little more taboo, then a little bondage play might be a step in the right path? Whether you like to take charge or be taken charge of, you’re sure to dominate your partners thoughts for days to come if you choose the right lingerie. If you’re feeling a little brave and exceptionally naughty, Fever may have just the thing to cause surges of tingles in the bedroom. The Mistress Studded Body String exposes your breasts and doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but who needs imagination when you can make fantasy reality? The double waist straps enhance your body’s natural sexual curves whilst the straps as a whole bring a strong powerful effect to the ensemble. And we must admit, having something to hold onto is always fun. Fever Mistress Studded Bodystring

8 – Know what to wear. If it’s a costume or nothing at all, make sure you have a plan. We all know it’s a bit of a mood killer stumbling around trying to get that last dirty sock off or having your underwear getting trapped around your ankle causing you to hop around like an uncoordinated pirate. Nobody wants the slip of a garment to become an awkward fiddle and twist. Aim for something easily removable or something that allows easy access, or just bare it all.

We hope your Valentine’s adventures go off without a hitch and the occasion allows you to build even stronger relationships. If you need some inspiration or have all your ideas and just need the tools for the job, the Fever collection has a large selection of products ranging from male and female fantasy costumes to risqué lingerie that should keep everyone going.

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