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May 11, 2018

Avoid that bitter feeling of disappointment this Christmas morning, by unwrapping what you REALLY want! Fever tells you how…

If you’re hoping to receive something sultry and sensual underneath the Christmas tree this year, you might need to give your partner a little nudge in the right direction.

  1. Size

Size definitely DOES matter – this is the most important part of receiving some gorgeous lingerie this festive season. Point them in the direction of your favourite pieces and make sure they know both your bra and knicker size.

If they’re still struggling, direct him to to check out the size guide – the equivalent of circling the catalogue and leaving it open.

  1. Colour

If you trust their judgement as to what colour suits you best, let them choose. If you’re not so confident they’ll get this right get them to stick to black lace – a timeless option guaranteed to make every woman feel suitably sensual!

  1. Style

Style is almost as important as size. After all style is a form of self-expression. Bold or brazen, feminine or romantic? Or do you fancy going for all out Hollywood glamour? Do you want a gift to tease and titillate, or do you prefer something more mischievous? It’s tough, so maybe give them the heads up and share your secret fantasies and maybe they’ll take the hint and try one of our role play styles.